2 Containers breaking on wider screens. Any Help?

What am I doing wrong here?

When my screen goes wide (1700 px +), the right side of the contianers spread out in a way I can’t seem to control.

The “Virtual Classes” (full box) works as I want/expect. When I copied them and entered new text/images, I’m getting different results in that the box is spreading out the images on the right side.

Any thoughts on what I’m goofing up?

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - LexiHawks)
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@robertt8 are you wanting it to look like my attached screen grab or is everything supposed to align exactly like the Virtual Classes section?

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Thanks @Port_of_Folio . Ideally, Studio Classes, and Retreats would behave exactly like “Virtual Classes”.

Ahha, ok. I would:

  1. make “VC-Container-2” 100% width and apply padding at 30px
  2. Remove the 30px of margin from “VC-Parts Container2” and give width of 100%
  3. all parts inside of “VC-Parts Container2” should then be given a width percentage that cumulatively adds up to 100.

That’s the basic idea but you’ll have to adjust some other little things too. I had it all set and Webflow booted me out! Told me to sign up to continue. Little annoying!

If you haven’t used image “cover” property, I recommend checking it out for your little ragged edge elements. Will come in handy.

Thank you! Will try in a bit and let you know how it goes. :+1: