Content Not Filling Container, Divs to create borders

I painstakingly created a bunch of divs to alow myself to have a border around my main content area. If you look at the page, it worked great on the Feedback, Chat, News pages. Those use 80vh and 100vh for height. As long as my content is less than 100vh it works.

However when I try to add full content to it…it breaks everything…and simply change to 100% doesn’t work as my outside divs seem to them not recognize any content anymore and become small.

If I set it to say, 5000px (for the main container and the div in the middle container, it works…but for some reason 100% won’t work…when setting 100% it doesn’t seem to see the content therefore my outside divs don’t stretch.

(See the Wiki Page Template for the broken one. If I set 100% to the main container…then all the others break and the content is not in the container…I cannot figure out how to fix this :frowning:

I’ve tried so many things but nothing works :frowning:

I also tried to come up with another way to put borders around just one main content div, but I couldn’t figure out a way (aside from solid borders)

I then tried to use the old border image properties, but it’s not native to Webflow and I couldn’t figure out how to use it (see attachment)

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Funny thing is, I had it working on the “Feedback” page…and no clue how and have since broken it and cannot get it fixed on that page either :frowning:

The only thing that works is using VH but then I have to pick a hard value, using 100% for height the divs won’t fill to size if it’s over of the view scree… makes no sense :frowning:

Can you share the published link please :wink:

Gonna be the Feedback page and the test page :slight_smile:

Changing things to relative makes it push content down correctly…but my outder divs with borders don’t extend down :frowning:

Sorry for multiple posts - I didn’t want to spam one post with images and make it a mess.

This is what is happening, if I set VH in the DIV…the DIV extends down with the content…but it only extends to the value set (80vh in the example)

So solution I would think is set 100%, doing this and then it doesn’t extend down ANY…that div becomes 1px (or no pixels).

This must be something simple that I am just missing. Super frustrated…8 hours on this one thing!!:sob:

I think I got it…had to start over using containers and flex…but I think I got it!

I was wrong it is not working…I had a color in the BKG which made me think it was working…but its not displaying the side columns :frowning:

Same if I put and % then it is non visible…if I put any VH it shows …what is wrong…ugh.