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100% webflow ecommerce (almost) ready

Hello guys, jus wanted to share with you the simple ecommerce that I’ve been doing in webflow to test how this works and to see if I recommend it.

Some stuff that I struggled with:

  • Checkout page being able to be in different pages, not only one. I guess that I can maybe do this with tabs but quite time consuming.
  • The stripe payments information that arrives from webflow is not at all organized so i have to do some rework after
  • Emails are not at all that customisable and (correct me if I’m wrong) I cannot disable them to send an email even manually with my own format.
  • The variant option in the products appears only as a dropdown not that beautiful, so it would be nice to have check button possibility.
  • Not being able to hide the webflow brand off of my emails… even paying…

I think there might be other stuff but I don’t remember now.

Here you go (only 99.5% finished):

Please fell free to give any feedback. :slight_smile:

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I think it’s interesting but the first 1 third of the entire page is made of full screen pictures we can’t click on. User has to scroll until he reaches the products section - not sure if that is the best UX approach to selling goods :slight_smile: Why not showcase the products you’re trying to sell first ?

Oh, If only that was my decision! :slight_smile: I know exactly what you mean.

Nice design.
I’m not fussed over the showcase at the beginning. Although it’s probably not he best converting setup, it suits the weird experiences you regularly get with luxury goods.
However, I had rendering issues with the mouseover in the shop part: When the mouse is going over the products, the text appeared but not the image, I had just a white square below it. this came back to normal after a while so I imagine it’s related to the load time. You might want to check this.