1 page, 6 buttons, 6 modals

Hello all…

I’m building my first site with Webflow and am at a point where I’m really pushing the boundaries of what I know (so far). I’m working on a page with 6 buttons, each of which should open a modal with a different certification image. I’ve got the one labeled NR working with the interactions set the way I want them… all works fine. But everything else I’ve tried so far to add the same behavior and interactions to the other 5 modals does not work as expected.

I tried with the interactions affecting the class, and then also effecting individual elements (which is currently has the NR button interactions are set up and working). I ‘think’ targeting classes is a much more efficient way to work, but each button was displaying the same certification. As you’ll see in the link, only the NR button is linked. I am hoping to get some direction from the amazing people on this forum on how to take things from here… much appreciated!

Here is my public share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/cfm-vr-tesco-refresh?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=cfm-vr-tesco-refresh&preview=c8cfe269a14eec50563f585a0e9b002a&pageId=5d5ea5b332acf912e3220d7e&mode=preview

Just reporting that after going back and thoroughly reviewing the relationship between classes and interactions (along with some trial and error)… I’ve managed to persevere through my buttons and modals issues, and now all works as expected. And although I am still a relative noob… at least I’m a somewhat wiser noob. So impressed with the power of Webflow!

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@DJanzen happy to hear that! Sorry none of us answered your question. We’re all volunteers here, we spend a certain amount of time here each day so sometimes questions are missed. Interactions can be a headache, can’t they? You learned the key thing when using them. Review and check where you’re clicking :slight_smile:

Thanks, Sarah… no worries. There’s a lot of collective knowledge here on the forum which I really appreciate. Thanks for everyone who contributes and shares what they know… it’s an amazing community.

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