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Interactions 2.0 - Pop Up Modals

Hey guys–

I’m still getting acclimated to these new interactions. So far I like the ease of use and flow, but am currently working on a part of my site where I’m getting a bit confused as to how to use the same interactions on multiple pages.

I have an interaction set up that prompts open a pop up modal window where it says “document review” with the info icon

21 AM

However, when I try to apply the same interaction to the same element on the Pricing page, it says the modal wrapper element is missing. Would be helpful to get a fresh perspective as to how to apply these interactions to both “document review” text elements on the site.

Appreciate the time and looking forward to hearing from you.


If I am understanding the workflow correctly, each object you assign an animation to is treated as a new object regardless of it sharing the same class with anything else. That is the default application of animations. There is an option however, when applying an animation to “Replace elements in animation”, and from there it lets you chose to append a previously used animation to the currently selected element, or append it to a class.

Appending it to a class, means that anything with that class will be animated.

Hope that helps somewhat. I’m still learning this new system, but I have to say that I am achieving some remarkable results.

That was more than helpful! Was able to get the results I was looking for.

Appreciate that dude! Wish you the best.

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