Shopify to Webflow via zapier

Anyone tried Shopify to Webflow via Zapier? It seems like if you add a product to Shopify you could update a collection on Webflow through Zapier. But can it collect all the data needed for a collection item to become a product? You need a plan on Zapier for this and I though I ask first if someone knows about this :blush:


Hmmm… Interesting concept.

I will try it out and see.

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Very interesting… Seems you can also update WF CMS fields when an item has been purchased, for example.

Can we make that sort of zap (when a new product is added to shopify, create a new item in wf cms) with Shopify Lite Plan only?


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Access to Shopify is $20 a month with Zapier.

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Thanks for the reply !

This can totally work :grinning:

I started a paid account on Zapier and Shopify to try this out and it’s kinda working.

Problems I’m having now is that I can’t see the price when I’m doing my Zap and the description in Shopify are transferred as html, so “p” tags are showing when the Zap sending to my collection.

I can’t fetch the image either, only the image url.

Until webflow allows imgs, we are just wasting our time. Please webflow can we have this?


It works free on the other way round: if i.e. you want to update a collection of products on your WebFlowCMS, you can prepare a googlesheet with the fields name, than make a zap (googleshet+webflow) where every time a raw is added to your spreadsheet, a new item is added to your webflow collection.

Now paste your Shopify database in the google sheet and BANG!: all your products are in your collection
(sorry for the excitement but I just did with 70 new items and it worked 100%!)


@Magicopit, Were you able to pull in photography from Shopify to the collection in webflow as well as product data? Also, does this method integrate the shopping cart into the Webflow site? I’m going to be building a Webflow e-commerce site for a client and I’m concerned it’s going to require more work for them in the future, updating content in two places. Thanks in advance for any insight!

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I­t­ would work for the most part except for when I­t­ comes to images

Hey, check out @foxy that integration is great for scalable projects, everything is in one place and u can handle product edits and uploads from the Webflow CMS… I’ve used I­t­ on and

Thanks @Scott_Van_Zandt!

@jorn I know we’ve talked quite a bit in the past. How are ya?

The concern with the Shopify / Zapier / Webflow approach is the client experience. This seems to only cover the initial import? What if a client needs to add a new product or modify a product. Do they have to make the change in Shopify, and then login to Zapier to run multiple zaps? Not ideal.

Definitely let us know if we can help with anything with Foxy / Webflow.



I tried this and failed miserably! Lol. The problem I had was with images, categories, and some subcategory pieces.

Images only come through as a link. No problem. I just mapped them to a field and used html and dynamic embeds to make everything work. Easy. The problem is, Shopify only gives you one image. If your client has multiple images they have to be added again in the CMS. Thanks Shopify.

My client’s site was pretty large and they had categories and sub categories as well as toggles to determine if something was a sale item, last chance, etc. So it meant even if the Zap worked. They had to repeat the work.

Foxy is awesome and I’m working on that now. The issue there is that if you have a product with variables and you want to track inventory on them, it’s a no go. There’s a detailed and complicated work around, but it’s not feasible really. Still extra work on the client.

Loved the post yesterday from the Webflow team and can’t wait to just use their native solution!!!