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Zapier cms and reference fields


Am I correct in assuming that Zapier can not put in data from a google sheet into a referenced Webflow CMS field? Not even if the data from the sheet match exactly the possible references? I have tried several times and different ways, but keep getting errors.

Thinking now to put the data from google sheets into plain text fields, and keeping the referenced fields. I guess I would have to set the referenced field manually in Webflow in order to have the record show up in the collection pages of the referenced fields. Is that correct? It would destroy the idea of automating workflow, but still better than putting in manually hundreds of records, thousands of fields.



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Hi @Wim, I’ve got the same problem. Can’t seem to get it fixed.
@thewonglv, @Waldo, do you have a solution?

Hi @Diu, I ended up setting the reference field manually in each record, and still over 100 to go, but of course that is no long-term solution. It also defies the idea of automating information. If you ever hear of a solution, would you let me know? I’ll do the same. Thanks for reaching out.

I am facing the same issue… With 5000 records, doing this manually is not an option.
Did anyone found a workaround?

Webflow team, any hints about how this can be done? @Waldo, @Brando ?

Would really appreciate some feedback on this one.
Is there a way to upload a cms item and set the reference field using the Webflow API?.. Or a workaround maybe?

HI Nita,

wish I could help you out, but I can’t. It is definitely something that should be looked into.

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A bit off topic but how did you insert the ‘upload file’ box?

Hi Harry,

I have tried using both Zapier and the new CSV import, does that answer your question?
I haven’t seen any option to “upload file” rather than the CSV method.

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