Youtube embeds - poster images pixelated

Anyone else come across this recently?

Previously these embeds have been displaying fine, all of a sudden they’re crazy pixelated …

What gives!

The files are probably set to progressive and you are having networking issues. Share a link to the published site and we can rule that in or out.

[removed link]

Client is seeing same issue at their end. so I’m thinking it’s not isolated to one network ?

Visit :
in your browser. How does it look? How is the load time?

That is a 1/2MB resource. You mentioned that you and your client are having an issue. Are you both in the same geographical region / city? If so you may be experiencing a regional issue.

Yeah it’s not the images hosted with Webflow that’re causing issues, it’s the poster images on YouTube

Both in same region - well 1.5hrs away - but all their client base is too, so they won’t be happy with that as an explanation!

Well, that would then be an issue with Google/YouTube.

Sure, but it’s a big bad internet world out there :slight_smile:
Was hoping someone around here might’ve encountered a similar issue

Hey, I am just happy it was not me! I had looked around the net and all the weather stations I check did not show any issues. Google cloud status is easy to check, however they hide YT Stats from that one.

Probably clear already or there is a fiber cut. Hope your weather gets better.

Well this was a weird problem… reimporting the video would fix the issue in preview, but on publish it would revert to blurry. And they were also displaying incorrectly on WordPress embeds, even after flushing cache.

Anyway, if anyone else hits this issue… it seems re-uploading the thumbnail to Youtube as a JPG (not PNG) is fixing whatever’s going on.

Hey, I’ve had the same issue and come up with a workaround until this is fixed.
I posted it in this thread which is discussing the same topic.

Hope it helps.

This fix posted on the Google support thread seems to have helped for me. I put this bit of JS in the “head” area of custom code (switching the .youriframeclass text for your the class name of your Youtube embed).

$(".youriframeclass > iframe").attr('src', $(".youriframeclass > iframe").attr('src'));

All seems to be working smoothy for the moment, but as I mentioned previously it’s a hard problem to test for because it will reoccur randomly again, once you think you’ve solved it.