Blurry images on our website; what’s the issue?

We have widespread issues with thumbnails being blurry on our site, especially on our mainpage. What can we do to fix it?

Does anyone from webflow check these threads anymore? This is a BIG problem for us.

Hi Kevin, I think the reason that you didn’t get any responses is because you posted to a topic where the user was having network problems or an issue with a plug-in in their browser. So there never was an issue related to Webflow directly.

It would be very helpful if you could at least provide additional details. Are we talking about all images, some, a particular browser, only browser X on one OS? The more details you provide, the faster you will get assistance. I will be happy to help you as soon as I have a little more to work with.

@Kevin_O_Flaherty - I just looked at the JPEG’s on the home page and can tell you that they are all very low quality images, They are highly compressed with lots of JPG compression artifacts. They are not HIDPI. Webflow is not rendering them as responsive since your uploads are too small.

Recommendation: Start with better quality images. Set the upload size to be 2x the size of their largest display in your templates.

Take a look at:

I’ve tried both Hi and low res and everything in between yesterday and neither worked properly. I got a response from customer service and they said to resolve this issue best, would be to use embedding. SO, I’m literally changing every single one of our videos to embedding and that has cleared up the problem. Our issue is that I have to add over 2000 pages worth of video embedded links for it to look right on our site.