Your opinion: What UX UI design do you prefer (Video thumbnails page)

Hola Weblows! :wave:t2: We’re a SaaS startup from Paris :slight_smile:

We’re working on two concepts for our website’s UX UI, but we hesitate about what’s best for our clients and what’s best for the viewers.

We hope you can help us decide what’s the best solution, and tell us why. :pray:

Context: On our website, we have a page where our clients display their videos. (see image below)
Each video is displayed in a page grid with a thumbnail image.
In addition to the thumbnails, we add some text information (video title, description, date) as well as a few CTAs (Watch the video, Notify me button, Add to calendar, etc.)


  • Concept A: Most texts and CTA’s are outside the thumbnail.
  • Concept B: Most texts and CTA’s are inside the thumbnail.

Which one do you think is the best both for our clients (Ecommerce brands) and for the video viewers. (Online shoppers) ? → Concept A or Concept B ?

Thank you!


Have you explored Google Analytics? Your question is excellent, and having the metrics to make decisions to increase your objectives is beneficial. Perhaps you could try to create two designs and track your goals using Analytics (A/B testing). There are thousands of possibilities when you start exploring analytics, but they help you make those design decisions much more effectively, ultimately growing your audience.