You’ve created all the items allowed by your free plan. To add more, upgrade your site plan

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I already emailed support. However, I haven’t heard back from them and I’m under tight deadlines.

I paid for the CMS plan for the entire year, and now I am getting this message:

"You’ve created all the items allowed by your free plan. To add more, upgrade your site plan."

Do I need to upgrade to the next plan? Am I missing something here?


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Thank you for your time. I wish support answers soon.


PS. While searching on the forums, I found this similar case:

Hey @pochat , the screenshot you have showcased is the plan for your Webflow Account. AFAIK, CMS plan is a Hosting Plan and you have to go into your Project Settings, under Hosting and select the CMS Plan which gives you 2000 CMS collections.

If this is the only site you have, you can downgrade your Webflow Account plant to Free since you would be freeing up a project by setting up it’s hosting.

Hi @imtiazraqib ,

Thank you for your answer.

I have only one site so far, and I did pay the following:

Date - Number July 1st 2022 - 1656735587

Invoice Items

Plan Description Amount

1 User × Lite Account (at $192.00 / year) USD 192.00
Subtotal USD 192.00
Total USD 192.00
Amount Due USD 192.00
Next Payment Attempt in a year - July 1st 2022


How do I connect the money that I paid for hosting with the CMS plan for my only site? The site is being built, not public yet, and there is no need to pay for hosting.

Could you please help me?

Thank you.

Hey @pochat , as mentioned, the Lite Account you have paid for is your Webflow Account membership.

Every site you build, in order for it to be hosted on the web, it requires a hosting plan, where you can select the CMS package. So go to your site project settings and select the Hosting Tab

In this Hosting Tab, you will see the Hosting Plans and one of them is the CMS hosting plan which you require. You need to pay for this. The other one you paid for is not necessary since you only have one site and therefore you can contact support to get that refunded.

This is what you will see in the Hosting Tab:

In order for the CMS portion to be built, you have to select a hosting plan regardless. Later, when you are ready to launch, you have to add your custom domain which can be found in the same section after you scroll below.

My recommendation, since you are on a tight time frame, is to pay for the CMS hosting so you can continue building, but send in a ticket to have the Lite Account payment to be refunded. You can explain the situation to the Webflow Support and I am pretty sure they should be able to help you out since it was a misunderstanding.

Hi @imtiazraqib,

Thank you for taking the time to explain the situation. I sent an email to support requesting the refund, and I will purchase the CMS plan as I build our company website.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Anytime @pochat , I hope it works out for you. Happy designing :grin: :+1:

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