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Can't create CMS items

Hi There,

I purchased a CMS plan on our website:

But when I try to create a new CMS item, it tells me to purchase the CMS plan. I believe the problem is similar to this situation:

Is it because we’re on the free plan?



I purchased a CMS plan on our website […] Is it because we’re on the free plan?

Just want to confirm, you purchased a CMS Site plan for the project but your on the Free Account plan? If so, I would contact support (if you haven’t already) as it’s possible they need to do something on their end to update your account just like the referenced thread.

It’s possible that if you haven’t published the site to the non-staging domain that the project is stuck thinking you haven’t purchased a Site plan yet, as the staging sites only get 50 CMS items (or 100 if your on a paid Account plan). Even if that’s the case, I would imagine it would only limit you from publishing to the staging environment instead of prevent you from adding new collection items, so it seems a bit strange.

Either way it’s something that Webflow Support should take a peek at as most of us here are just users like yourself.

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