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• X-files failed to export. Check MISSING.txt in the ZIP file for more info

First time seeing this error message.

After downloading and unzipping the zip file, the MISSING.txt report shows this:

The following files failed to download during site export. 
Please check them in the designer assets view (images) or dashboard (fonts).


I looked into the images folder and there were no images in the folder.

All the images have been included on a page here so they should have been exported

I’m not sure what does it mean by this other than verifying that they are still in the assets panel.


The issue went away for a day, then the error is back now.

Thanks @samliew for posting about this!

I’m looking into this issue now and will post back here with more information when I have it!


Hi @samliew

Thanks again for posting this. It looks like this issue may have been caused by S3 (where assets are stored) going down for a bit. We did a run through of all possible causes but weren’t able to reproduce it.

Can you please test this again to see if the issue has been resolved?

​Thanks in advance, and I’m standing by for your reply.

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