Webflow not exporting images

Long time Webflow user, found a new bug. When exporting my code, the “Images” folder is completely empty.

Example from the “Missing.txt” file:

The following files failed to download during site export. Please check them in the designer assets view (images) or dashboard (fonts).


All site images are included in the MISSING.txt file. No images appear in the Images folder or on my live site.

This bug does not occur when I publish via the webflow.io domain.


Blah - after struggling with this for a while I decided to post the “Bug” here.

Problem solved. Brave browser was preventing the download of images.

If you use Brave, remember to go shields down for webflow!


Oh that’s a good one.

You can turn the issue/process around, too: Always have multiple browsers and un-set browsers. For axample you can have a Chrome with many extensions, or special browsers like Brave, Torbrowser, but when you encounter a strange issue, it’s good to first test on a clean Chrome, for a start. You can download Chrome Canary which is a dev version of Chrome, usually bug free. Let this browser untouched, don’t add extensions, don’t sign in, and no ad blocker. Chrome Canary Features For Developers - Google Chrome

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