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301 Redirect Chains

Hi there, I’m writing in about 301 redirect chains issues I have with our Webflow website that we can’t seem to solve.

My problem is that when someone enters a version of our URL, they are led through to 3 different 301 redirects until they reach the final URL.

For example, when person enters (… it goes via a redirect chain:

For context:

Having the same exact issue here

I have the exact same issue. My default is “” not the non-www version, and Godaddy is the domain provider. Can someone help?

I’ve spoken to Webflow support and it seems there’s nothing we can do.

It’s a big problem because it initially caused most of our webpages to be delisted from Google, due to Google indexing and crawl errors brought upon by the redirect chain, removing many of our pages from SERPs.

I managed to shorten the URL redirect chain slightly and now it seems to be working better, but still not ideal for SEO.

Same thing with my websites.

is there really no way to get this right?

I’m having the same problem. I hope they fix it because this is a serious issue

Same issue and i am really shocked that this is not solvable? I can’t even let it crawl by Google in Search Console because of the redirect chain.

WTF??? Holly cow, came here not to read above. I am on MOZ.COM which led me here. Is this for real there is no fix?

Same issue with my project. Still no solutions ?

I found the solution with the help of the webflow support:

There are new DNS Servers. I changed mine to the new ones and it worked after google took the time to crawl the site.
The new IPs are in the project settings.

Do you mean that you need to change the hosting to the ones webflow recommends?

In the webflow backend there are new recommended IP Addresses. You need to use these in the DNS settings for your Domain.

Update A records to improve site load speed and reduce redirects
this works for www default domains only.

what about non-www as default domain? still no solution?

Waiting for the same thing as @alex7577