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Wow. Background video component has blown my mind

Hi all,

Just wanted to say a quick note about a feature I’ve just noticed has been added. @PixelGeek mentioned last week that the WF team were working on it, and I’ve just used it on my personal site.

Safe to say, the background video component is mind blowing! Amazingly easy to use and will save me heaps of money (I’ve been paying Dropbox £8 (probs about $10) a month to host a video for another site).

In my opinion, of all the Webflow announcements this is the most game-changing and unique to Webflow, so I’d encourage anyone on here to get cracking with it, it’s a joy to use. To all the WF team, congrats and thank you!


p.s if anyone wants a great free video compression tool that can get your videos below 5MB, install Handbrake



Excellent work! Makes webflow even more powerful.

That pajama tho…^^

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Another great tool to create super lightweight cinemagraph video backgrounds is :slightly_smiling:


Just wanted to echo the sentiment here - this is awesome!

I’ve been using Vide JS for this for absolutely ages, but having it built natively in Webflow is going to improve my workflow a huge amount…and it’ll improve my Google Pagespeed score too :slightly_smiling: