Free Video Resources For HD Background Videos

Hi guys,

You’ve probably all seen the new background feature :grin:.
I remember finding decent (free) stock bg video’s could be quite the pain, so I wanna share some of my best finds with you.

Here you go:

  1. Coverr

  2. Distill (beta)

  3. Pexels

  4. Mazwal

  5. FancyFootage

  6. Vimeo

  7. Lifeofvids


PS: For big video files I use this (free) tool called Handbrake to compress video’s in literally seconds.

If anyone knows more free bg video resources please share them below!


Awesome share!

If other people have other suggestions be sure to add them to your post :smiley:

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One of my bookmarks:

All videos on Vimeo and you can download them in different resolutions


Freakin awesome! Lolol

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I would also recommend Vimeo for its big collection of free HD videos
For example here


Thanks for these @SidneyOttelohe!

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Thanks for the share!

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Awesome! We are building a nice list.

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Thank you! Appreciated greatly. :grinning:

1 Like Has great ones.
Unfortunately not that many.

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Very good curated list. Thank you for this.

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You’re welcome, enjoy!

More video stock freebies;


Some of these are beautiful, but sometimes its nice to get a nice clean looped one. Hard to find them unless they are of water and purposely looped. If you have a editing software like Premier, theres tuts on youtube how to make almost all the videos into nice looped versions.

How great! Thanks a ton!

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