Working with tables

How would you display data structured in a spreadsheet?

I would typically use a <table… > tag for this but do not see this as an option here.

Hi Dan! The most similar feature we have to tables is the grid element. Here’s the Webflow University article to get you started. Let me know if you have any questions!

The items in the grid shift around if moved/removed. I need the items to stay in the column.

I am looking at how to use manual placement but I have a lot of data to work with and it seems like you have to set each cell to that, which is not going to work well given the amount of data I want to mockup. Can you make the entire grid set to manual placement or does each cell have to be configured to do that?

Yep, I have definitely felt this pain before as well. What I normally do is just wrap each cell in a container and make sure I’m deleting content inside the wrappers, instead of just placing the content directly. I’ll also use empty wrappers to fill in for empty table cells. For example, if I have something in the 3rd cell on the 5th row and want to clear it, I’ll just remove whatever is inside the wrapper and the rest of the content will stay in place.

If you ultimately find using <table> is easier, you can use something like HTML Tables generator – to build, and embed it using the HTML embed element.