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Webflow For Exporting -> Build Advanced Software

Hi guys, I wonder if you’d have experience with this…

I basically want to create a complete prototype of a software app, a membership site with some advanced features.

I know just Webflow won’t cut it all what I need to build, so back-end software developer coding services will be needed for sure.

But after studying Webflow, I got inspired to prototype the entire site–front end and even back end–as much as Webflow allows to have it exactly how a finished product would look.

Then download it from Webflow and just send the site to software developers for them to integrate those advanced back-end features into already predesigned web pages.

I can see how Webflow can help but my question is, will I then be able to use what I created to achieve the final outcome as described?

When I’m taking about “advanced features” I mean those are really advanced. Think Udemy, Patreon, Asana and combination of all of those together.

So like I said, I know Webflow by itself won’t cut it but I do love that we can use Webflow to design the actual site inside-out the way the final product would be… but will my developers THEN be able to add those advanced features elsewhere afterwards?

Last thing I want is to spend a month or so developing prototype then send it to developers just to hear that it can’t be used and they have to redesign it all from scratch…

What would be your suggestion? Do you have the previous experience where very advanced features had to integrated into exported Webflow website elsewhere? How did it work?

Thanking in advance!

That depends on your developers. It is important to remember that one hires an architect first before hiring the painters and interior decorators when building a house. Personally, I have found Webflow very useful to comp out overall features and design ideas. I prefer to use the results as the basis for what I end up building in code. Once I build on the other side I rarely go back to Webflow for a project as it is too much work for me compared to just doing it in the new codebase.

There are some tools like Udelsy that can help adapt a WF site to other tools.

Thanks, Jeff! So I understand, if I design foundation properly in Workflow, including all pages and designs, then developers should be able to do their magic and just code in everything that’s not possible to achieve in Webflow. This would be so cool! Just wondering, from your experience, do you have any points I should keep in mind, some deadly pitfalls I may fall into if overlooked?

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your expertise!