How to show multi-reference names on a post

On my blog I have a multi-reference field for “Categories”. On my categories template, I would like to show a list of the categories appropriate for each post, as indicated below.

Right now I have to type it in manually because I can’t figure out how to connect this field to the CMS.

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Sorry about that. I hit the button prematurely.

Here’s my read only link:

Also here is a shot of my collection with the multi-field set up.

Any insight on how to do this automatically would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @paint.you1830, unfortunately, since Nested Collections are not available at the moment, you will have to do some custom code setup and use a MixItUp.JS layout.

You can find the info here for that layout process: [TUTORIAL] MixItUp3 - Filtering, Sorting and PAGINATION

There are other materials and feeds, I would do some other research as well.

Good luck and Happy Designing,

Hi, @paint.you1830!

As @QA_Brandon mentioned already multi-reference field can’t be nested by now.

But I would suggest a workaround for your case, since I noticed on the screenshot you have only 5 categories.
You can set 5 text fields, one with each category name, then set a condition visibility on each field based on a multireference field value. For example, “Teaching” will be visible if multireference field contains “teaching”, etc.

Hope will help.


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@sabanna, you are totally right.

Man I didnt even think of that and I do that more time then not.

Guess its time for me to take a break! lol

:joy: No worries, @QA_Brandon! Can’t count how many times it happened to me too.

Take care :handshake:

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