Same Domain A/B Split Test with an Existing Wordpress Website

Hey guys!

We have a website in WordPress but we would like to test Webflow before deciding to switch to it completely.

For that we wanted to create a new separate page on Webflow and do an A/B split test. In this case if our own website is for example, can we leave our website as it is, and then create a new page on Webflow and direct some of our visitors to or without losing our old website?

So in other words can we get our old Wordpress website keep working on our domain name and redirect some of the users in our domain provider settings to our new Webflow page which would be under the same domain name?

Thank you!

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One can use a reverse proxy to display content from another site within the structure of a site. How you do it depends on your hosting stack.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the answer. We use AWS for hosting our Wordpress website. Not sure if it helps.

How do we then display our Webflow page there?

Do you know if we create redirection in our hosting provider. would that work that way? A support agent from Webflow seemed to mean that it might work this way but then he advised to ask on forum, so here I am.

Thank you!

How you do it depends on what web server is running. Redirects are different than running a reverse proxy.

Apache → Reverse Proxy Guide - Apache HTTP Server Version 2.4
NGINX → NGINX Reverse Proxy | NGINX Plus
Litespeed → Setting up OpenLiteSpeed as a Reverse Proxy – OpenLiteSpeed

You can also distribute requests at DNS level if you wanted to avoid a reverse proxy layer.

You could just apply a simple round-robin DNS approach, or you could use a provider such as Route53, Constellix or ClouDNS, which offer rules to route requests based on a multitude of parameters. For example, AWS offers a weighting routing which may be helpful as you can ramp up/down request distribution as you wish.