Wordpress is really bad - moving to webflow


So I know a bit about Webflow, but I decided to start with Wordpress instead because MS Edge is not supported and price is a bit high for CMS hosting.

I think I will finally make the move because working to make what I want as a website is becoming very complicated. I bought a theme and did some modifications, but I’m now blocked in the design. Too much CSS rules I created and sometimes the theme doesn’t show what I want like the blog post date. You can look at my Wordpress WIP here: http://new.nicolas-duclos.com

Now it became too complicated… I have a great respect to the theme maker and the one I chose, but there is so much limitation or you need to install lots of plugin.

And you why did you move from Wordpress to webflow?


Hey @Nic727,

I still use WordPress because my clients are too stubborn to change to Webflow :sweat_smile:

Here’s a great comparison page to help you make a better decision.

Finally, since Webflow pricing is a bit too high for personal site, I think I will just try to create my own clean theme for Wordpress. :frowning:

Totally understand this but whenever I work with wordpress and want to do those small changes I get so frustrated. For me it’s totally worth it. So easy to keep the site fresh and alive and also experimenting new ideas easily.

Are you planning to make the template in WF and then develop a wordpress site?

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I don’t know… I’m thinking… because $250 CAD for a website that will be updated 2 times a year is expensive. So I’m thinking to try Pinegrow which is something similar to Webflow designer, but I need to see what are the limits of this software.

Edit: I’m not sure you ca create cms image gallery in Pinegrow. Is it possible with Webflow? Can you import jquery to use justified grid gallery or masonry?

You can use webflow as a designer, then pinegrow to easily turn the exported site into a Wordpress ready theme.

Pinegrow just released an update that makes this easier. Plus they added documentation videos of how to do it. You really can’t go wrong.

This theme isn’t bad but it has things that is probably slowing WP down (like the page loader).

Is someone making this for you or did you get it off a site?

If someone is developing it, you can use WebFlow to design the same theme (or something similar) and drop in the css/js into your theme and use that. I’ve found it to be MUCH easier than buying a theme, and truth be told, I still prefer WP as my main CRM and WF as my go to design tool.

I’ve been doing this for all of my e-commerce, membership and course sites and it’s extremely smooth.

Don’t get me wrong on using solely Webflow, I see the benefit but even with their upcoming e-commerce solution, but you will hold on to more control using WordPress.

I bought this theme (Napoli theme).

That’s the problem when you buy a theme. It comes with lot of plugins and when you want to design your own it’s CSS over CSS over CSS.

The theme was the closest to my design idea, but it became too difficult to edit.

Well, I would like to help you in anyway I can. Is this site just trying to be a portfolio for your Photography? Are you trying to sell your services?