Won't log into correct account

Hi guys

I’m getting an issue that seems to happen every now and then. I’ll be logged into one account (Account A) and log out of the it and try logging into another (Account B). Even after I enter my 2FA on my B account, it will login me into my original A account.

I’m guessing it’s a cache thing?


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Hi there @MrWorldwide!

This is a great question.

Are you logging in through Google or your email? I’m assuming this is being done within the same browser window as well?

Let me know, and I would be more than happy to continue helping out here.

​My best,

Hi @RileyJones

Both accounts I’m logging in through email (ie. not using Google). And yes, both are through the same browser. Using another browser/incognito obviously fixes the issue.

No need to respond, I just thought I’d let you know of this issue. Unless of course if you have a solution


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