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Won't let me duplicate headers anymore

See pic, for about a month I cannot duplicate things anymore? Any reason why?

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The warning says you’re trying to paste a section element into another section element (which you can’t do). Which element exactly are you trying to duplicate?

I used to right click and duplicate stuff all the time, now it just does not work. It is a header, it is inside of a column.

If you’re not already - try using Chrome. I found other browsers can be buggy. Other than that - I would say that this is a Webflow Bug. If you’re 100% sure that you’re not trying to copy a section into a section, I would report a bug to the team.

Yeah, Chrome is all I use. Thanks for the info, I am very sure its not section into section. I went and tried images, headers, paragraphs, none of it allows me to duplicate. Been using Webflow for 3 years, never seen this happen. Thanks again.