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Bug on showing off collection list

Hello guys,
I’m trying to show off my colection list like an e-commerce.
On toggle preview every item is ok, but on published page the items are bugged.

Here’s the published page:

Here’s the project read only mode:


Hi @Victor_Mattoso, thanks for your post, it is not clear to me what the issue is, could you please include a screenshot of the elements not rendering on the published page as expected?

Sorry for the delay. Here are the screenshots:

Live WebSite

Preview Mode

@cyberdave Do you know what could be?

Have you tried to republish it?

@ElviraNL yes, I tried

@Victor_Mattoso And if you put the collection list in a grid like this:

And the collection item:

Edit: For this to work: Click on collectionlist 2 tablet -> go to collection l ist settings, and there should be some kind of yellow alert about reseting styling… accept that message.

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@ElviraNL It worked!! Thanks amigo


You can also use flexbox (horizontal > justify=“flex-start”) and set the basis of the flex child to 33.33% (NOT the width of the collection item and NOT using Collection List > Element Settings > Layout > 3 columns). Here is a short desktop recording: I prefere this setup because weblow’s css grid does not support Windows > IE. Nevertheless, grid works very well in most browsers.

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Vitor, Do you do web design?

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@laxutraly with Webflow yes, why?

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