Wondering if this design is possible in webflow

I’m currently building a website for a client and wanted to know if this layout is something that can even be achieved in web flow or would I be better off sticking to say divi via WordPress.

What we want to replicate is the layout and function of this site. The home page is fine of course. I’m more inquiring about the order page as the business is delivery based.


Hi @mthegreat,

Webflow doe snot have a delivery feature natively. You can use something like @foxy or Ecwid and integrate it into Webflow.

Or you could build out your design in Webflow and export it to WP (if you must) using the Udesly plugin.

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Understood. What about as far as the front end design? Is it possible to achieve the same layout as the order form? Im mainly constructing the design.

Hi @mthegreat,

Yes any design you pretty much find on the web, Webflow can replicate. Since it is built on the design principles of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, pretty much anything you find can be reproduced.

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Hi @mthegreat
Please let us know if you end up needing ecommerce functionality. We’re happy to help. https://www.foxy.io/webflow