With the new locales language features, can you use it for countries?

Hey, I have a client who wants country specific content on their site, eg:

They want to show content for Australia different to content for New Zealand, even though both countries speak english, is it possible to use the new languages features to do this?


Yes, you’d probably have them as / and /au/… or /en and /en-AU, depending on how you want the paths to distinguish.

However there are two limitations I think - you’ll need to check.

  • You probably can’t auto-translate from e.g. NZ English to Aus English, so any distinctions you want, you’d need to do by hand.
  • Auto-routing doesn’t appear to work for geo-locales. For example, if your site is NZ-based as the primary locale, It will probably identify most Aus visitors as just “English speaking” and route them to the the default locale. Auto routing is part of the advanced localization plans anyway.

I’m working on a solution to that for a client, ping me if you’re interested.

Also, in my Localization notes I’ve started a page to attempt to track these types of issues for my team and clients.

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Brilliant, thanks for the info!

HI Evan,
Wondering if you had managed to create differentiated content for your Australia and NZ site using the localization function.

Am pretty new to webflow and exploring the localisation solution for my startup where we want to feature different content on our US site and Singapore site due to different offerings.

But I noted that webflow university states that:
"Your design (i.e., layout of elements and components) is determined by your primary locale. You cannot add or remove elements or components while in a secondary locale. Additionally, any localization changes you make in a secondary locale will only affect that secondary locale. "

so I am wondering if localisation is the solution for us.