Wish List Item: Send style to stylesheet

First off, I can’t say enough how much I love this product. Seriously, amazing work you guys.

One thing I do in my workflow is to create a dedicated page for my stylesheet. As I’m working, I often times will need a new class on the fly – and since I’m a lazy mofo – I don’t go to my stylesheet page and style the element there, I make it wherever I am and keep working. Which means a few of my classes don’t make it into my stylesheet.

Now, I know the answer could just be, “Just be more disciplined, a-hole!”. BUT, iff there was a ‘send style to stylesheet’ button where I could create a styled element on whatever page I’m working on, and then have the style auto-copied to my stylesheet page… well, that would be amazing.

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Youve emailed the wrong person

I like the idea. +1 for this for sure.

I dont see the point.

You would not only need to send the style, but the HTML as well. It would be better if you could create custom components like Button, heading etc and just drag and drop those in everywhere. So you wouldnt even need a style guide except for other, nun webflow related uses. And this already exists in the wishlist I believe.

For now, take the 2 seconds and write your style name down on a piece of paper, an editor,… There are many ways not to miss a style.

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