Wish: horizontal scrolling on navigator tab

Hi Guys,

I’m working with a tab within some divs, which leads to a distorted view in the navigator panel. I’d really love to have a horizontal scroll option, so i can read an select the tabs normally. Now tabs are cropped within their div, distorting readability.


ps. For the example I’ve put a tab within a tab, to dramatize the effect, but you can imagine what happens if there’s a lot of nested divs.

He he, exactly same thing happened to me when I was working with Tabs =D. Really hard pick the right element. I also mentioned this to the team, and they are aware about this. Hope for nice fix to this.

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Thanks @jorn for the heads up. Good that they know already. I’ve just vouched for your idea then :wink:

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Navigator has horizontal scroll bar !!! :slight_smile:

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