Please please please allow sidebar width to change

I have so many layers in my heirarchy that I cannot see anything at the lower levels (see screenshot)

I really wish I could just drag out the sidebar to make it wider.

Click on one of the elements
Then use your arrow keys to scroll left and right

Pia but it works for me.

They need to make the sidebar draggable / resizable

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This has been raised a number of times already :frowning:

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You should be able to scroll horizontally if you have a trackpad, but we’re also working on making horizontal scrolling more visible for vertical-scroll-wheel-only mice.

Huh, well yeah the horizontal scroll bar is completely invisible in windows chrome.

Even if you did make it visible it would be annoying to use as I’m constantly going up and down the heirarchy as I work.

I’d much rather just be able to widen the sidebar itself, or pop it off in it’s own browser window and put it on my second monitor.

If you were to make it possible to make it a separate window, I would also much appreciate being able to make each tab it’s own window, so that I can see multiple tabs at the same time.

actually… my previous response

“Click on one of the elements
Then use your arrow keys to scroll left and right”

seems to no longer work.

The only way I’ve seen to get around this is to select “Collapse All”.

I’ve got elements barely hanging on the edge.

Even I have the same issue!!

More layers , more width!! just give us a horizontal scrolling bar, that wud do!!

Note: Webflow has also users working with desktops, not just laptops!!


Let me clarify - what we need

or at minimum… What I need. I think others will agree with me though.

  1. Allow the Navigator to scroll left and right, or

  2. Allow the entire (Options ??? - I’ll call it Options) panel Style / Settings / Navigator / Style Manager / Interactions / Assets to be resized (Width).

When resized… the Visual Design (Drawing Board) Panel / part of the tool would increase / decrease based on the size (Width) of the Options Panel.

So for example… we could have the Visual Design Panel and Options Panel be a 70/30 ratio… or a 80/20 ratio… 85/15… 60/40 - etc. Let us decide. When exiting the Designer - save the width settings please.

This is becoming a critical issue for me.

@webflow @callmevlad @PixelGeek @thesergie

What are thoughts about this feature ?

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Customizable panels sounds awesome but that alone is a big project. We’re moving toward that level of customization but for now we’ll be adding a scrollbar for users that have scrollbars enabled on their operating systems. :scroll: (haha there’s a scroll emoji!)


+1 for with of the navigator bar not being wide enough at rare occasions.

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