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Request: Please make the Navigator Bar resizable!

Just have a look at the screenshot. If one is working with deeply nested elements, it is very hard to use the navigator bar, because the element entries are cropped…
It would be very helpful, if this bar has adjustable width.

You can horizontally scroll inside of that tab. Easy with a trackpad, or a tablet, some mouse wheels can tilt left and right, IDK with other mouses.

This said, your request is as old as Webflow. Please support the idea by voting here:

Thanks for answering. I am aware that the navigator is horizontally scrollable. But it would rrally be helpful if there was a way to resize the bar.
I supported the request, and – who knows – perhaps the „renewed“ Designer will surprise us with this feature! :slight_smile:

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I agree, this would be nice to have a
’ << - Expand ’ icon to stretch out the Navigator bar. (Like how Google AdWords does it to expand/collapse campaigns/adgroups).

You can make this request here:

Long ID, class names adds code bloat. The ratio of code to content can be a factor for SEO. Something to consider.