Will Webflow continue to support the API V1?

Does anyone know for how long Webflow intends to continue supporting V1 with the launch of the V2 API? I’m unable to find any information about when V1 might be deprecated by (if it will be).

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This is totally an opinion, but I assume they eventually will stop supporting it. Best to start moving things over sooner than later!

Hey @Brian_Sanchez, welcome back to the forum!

Our v1 APIs will continue to work until late 2024. Our team will be sharing more details about v1 deprecation, and migration guidance soon.

We’ve got a migration guide that may help with moving to V2 from V1 as well :sunglasses:: Migrating to v2

Thank you for the info @jonohale. :pray:

Added this info to a post on the n8n forum.

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