Webflow Pages Wordpress Plugin -- API v2 Compatability

Since the Webflow v1 API is being deprecated on 1/1/2025 – are there any plans for the v2 API to be supported on the Webflow Pages Wordpress plugin?

@antdp425 - I was under the impression that it had been abandoned as there was no dev activity on this plugin for ages. I see it was recently bumped up to 1.08. I hope they do update in for V2 of the API or there will be plenty of broken sites if not.

You might want to reach out to Udesly as they were either the primary developers or dev partners to Webflow.

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Although we are the developers who made the plugin, we are not entitled for the maintenance of it. The maintenance of the plugin is due to Webflow team directly, you should ask them for proper infos