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Static link to a specific post from collection


I Have a fine collection with some different projects working fine.
Now I need to make a static link on my frontpage to a specific project in the collection… but how?
I know I can set in the complete URL but I read somewhere it should be possible to choose from a list from the collection set… They just did not show how.



It’s only a matter of showing a Collection List limited to one single post. So you need something to filter the collection and have your post being the only result for the filter.

For example, if you want to show this post because it’s featured, then you can add a field in your collection. Chose a Switch field and set it up like this:

Then filter and limit your Collection list like this:

With that setup, you’ll be sure that your Collection List will only return 1 item, featured, and the most recent, in case there’s several.

Now, inside of your Collection list item, you’ll setup the link or link block like this:

To be clear, you need to add a Collection list to your frontpage to do this, you can’t just have the same result with a single link somewhere on the page. (You can have orphaned dynamic elements only on Collection Templates pages). However, you can place a Collection List wherever you want and only have a single text link inside of it, so it most likely can look the way you want it to look.

Hi Vincent

Thanks a lot for you answer. I see and understand your solution… I would just have hoped there was an easier way, like choosing link to different pages (which comes in a dropdown list)

Right now I am just linking to the complete URL, but I just have to remember to change this when the site goes live on the right domain… Do you know why you cant link to ex. …/projects/project1 - or can you? - right now Webflow putts http:// infront of the link and it will not work.

Read here

There’s a way to avoid the added http:// by preceding your link with a backtick character.

yes that is exactly what I needed… new there was a way, thanks.

Now I just need to find that character on my keyboard :wink:

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Can’t help you, I’m on a French Mac keyboard. I’m sure you will find it, or simply copy paste it from my article :smiley:

Here’s a free backtick : `

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haha thats great… I also copied it to make et work.