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Will I maintain my rankings if I change my default domain?

Hey everyone, I have a client who would like to change his default domain name. I already made the change in the back end by making the new domain the default domain and the old domain redirects to the new one. However, our search engine rankings have dropped. Google has already adopted the new domain into the listing, so I don’t see the old domain in google anymore, only the new one, but i’m wondering if the link juice from the backlinks to the old domain has transferred to the new or not. If anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank You!

If both sites “index” at the same time - you get NEGATIVE ranking over time (Duplicate content - google select page X over Y and so on).

Set 301 (Redirect) to move “link juice” from to (About backlinks without 301 your backlinks will be broken 404 if in the future you remove “”).

Anyway its hard to understand the term “home domain name” (Base domain?)

Both sites in webflow?

Thank you I new I needed to do a 301 just not sure how, I have read over all of the posts that webflow has but I am still confused on how to do it for my situation. And sorry for the confusion I meant my default domain instead of home domain.