Redirect to new domain

Hi there,

because of a name change of my client, I have now a new domain.


What I now did was:

  1. I added the new domain to webflow, which means the page is currently online for both domains.
  2. I took one page (/anwaeltin) and changed the link from internal to external (, so if people visit the page under the old domain and click on that page link, they are redirected to the page under the new domain.
  3. I changed the 301 redirect from previously transferring to /anwaeltin to an external link under the new domain + /anwaeltin.
  4. I am planning to continue with approach 2+3 with more and more pages over time, until the new domain has reached some page rank and is noticed in google.

HOWEVER: How do you suggest to do the final step? At one point i need to do a 301 for the main page ("/"). How is this doable in webflow? In fact, i want that all external link are redirected to my new domain as soon as i am taking the old domain offline.

Thanks in advance

try setting your default domain name:

hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi there,

What does changing the default actually do? Is this a 310 redirect that will transfer all clicks from the old domain to the new one?

To phrase it differently: a solution to my problem could be to create a new webflow page for the old domain and create a 310 redirect to the new domain. This, however, is connected with additional hosting fees that I want to avoid.

Thanks for your support!


If all of your domains A-Records and CNAME are pointing to Webflow, then yes, “default domain” option in Webflow will redirect everything for you. :slight_smile: