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Will 230 large images or pdfs harm performance?

The documents that I wish to upload have approximately 60 rows of data that need to be legible (approximately legal size). I intend to insert them among several accordion widgets on several pages. My concern is that this will put a drag on the site overall, as it is already quite large.

If it isn’t an entirely impossible idea, any suggestions about best practices for the images themselves?

Thanks very much!

Hi @Marsha - It would be hard to comment on the impact to page loads and browser performance, without detailed information of the actual file types, and sizes you are trying to load on a page. PDF’s as links are just links. You also have to take into consideration target audiences and network capabilities.

Generally speaking, any page load time > 3 seconds will result in significant page abandonment before load.

Does performance matter? Read on…

@webdev, Thanks for your response and the link! I am very sensitive to how important load time is, that is what drives my question. The files themselves aren’t created yet. I have 230 Excel sheets that we would like to publish, so I can convert them to whatever is optimal - the issue is that IF we decide to move forward, they must be legible, otherwise there is no point.

I could avoid the issue entirely by requiring that people write to us and we would send them the information, but we prefer to be more transparent if at all possible.

When I created a jpg from a pdf, it was 680kb. I could probably reduce a little more, but not much more. If this is going to be a drag on the whole site, I won’t risk it. I’m just trying to get a sense of how reasonable it would be to build BEFORE I waste the time doing it.


I think you need to look at how you plan on publishing the files and displaying them based based on what your intent is; a downloadable editable file, a print document, content to display natively in the browser, etc. That is where I would concentrate. The decisions there will then effect how and if you can display/share them.

Thanks @webdev I think I have it figured out.