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Website with A LOT of images

Hello people,

Hope you are all doing well. So I am building a website right now, which has a lot of images - before and after. Is it better to put the images in different lightboxes on the homepage (the website has a single page design) or I should make different pages and make different sliders there?


You should consider how big the browser impact will be (load time and memory) based on the number of images you are forcing the client to load. I personally try to keep home pages below 2MB max. Most of the sites I build are marketing. Slow kills conversions. It all depends on your audience.

I host my photo galleries on specialized systems that lazy load the images. So I don’t need to deal with that on webflow.

The impact will be pretty drastic in my opinion. What specializd systems do you use?

Custom for client image sites and for simple portfolios.

Thank you very much, I will look into it!