Widget Script not working

Trying to figure out why the following script isn’t working:

<div class="em-widget"
  data-aria-label="My Loan Application"


Hey @travis_peterman! Welcome to the webflow community.

There is likely an external script tag you need to include for that div to work. Because right now that’s just a static div and all of those parameters are likely something that the main <script></script> is going to reference to add the dynamic capability.

If you need more help please share your read only link to your project: Share a read-only link | Webflow University

I can’t see the script you posted. Can you share your webflow project read only link?


@austin read only link added. thx

With widgets like this sometimes you have to whitelist the domain for them to render properly on the destination page.

Do you know if there are any settings for that on where the widget code was grabbed from?

I don’t, i’ll have to get with some additional resources. Thanks.