Wider viewport issue on Chrome


For some reason, I’m having a different behavior in Chrome (and Safari) compared to Firefox.

The layout should be like this (Firefox example) :

But in Chrome & Safari I’m getting this:

What’s the reason for this bug? Should I add a bigger breakpoint besides the desktop base to override the problem?

It is like the image of the product is taking all the space and the other elements are adapting to it.


Here is my site Read-Only: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/av8nutrition?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=dashboard&utm_content=av8nutrition&preview=1af5639122abd8e4c8cf4874444f907b&mode=preview

Are you working in the Designer on Firefox?

Try to opposite: fix the layout in safari or chrome, then it will act the same on the 3 browsers.

As for now, Firefox support for Webflow is only at early stage, not fully recommended, especially if you start running into such issues.

Yeah I use firefox. I didn’t know that, I guess that’s the answer I need.

So for future projects, working on Chrome for example should cover all other browsers?

Thanks Vincent!

Mostly, yes.

And that’s not a bad thing to work on Webflow on a dedicated browser, so you can use only the needed extensions for example, and have extensions to empty your caches and cookies without interfering with your day to day internet browsing that you do on Firefox.

Note that I don’t really know if your bug happens because of this, this is a suggestion. But chances are it is :slight_smile:

You were right man, just had the same problem in the Webflow designer in Chrome, I fixed there and now works great.

Thanks a lot, is good to know this about browsers :smile:

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