Why wont my Google Tag Manager code work!

Hi there,

I have followed the Installation for Google tags correctly as per Webflow tutorial but it not working!

Code placed in dashboard “custom code” in
Code immediately after on each page in HTML embed symbol

Help please!!!

You can always use the Google tag assistant chrome browser extension to check your page.

Hey Jeff - thanks for your reply.
I just don’t know where the multiple tags are! I only installed as per Webflow instruction…once in custom code and one every page before

@VDC Since your code is in the Project Settings, if you can provide a screenshot on that page I can try having a look at that.

Thank you so much for your time… here it is

and here on every page


Everything looks fine here. In project settings, can you try checking the Integrations page and see if there are any existing Google Universal Analytics Tracking ID.

If this is also empty then I’m guessing its your setup on GTM that contains multiple gtag.

only this!

I will talk to the SEO company that is controlling the Google Tag manager for my client…

Yeah I would check the GTM. You can try publishing without all the GTM code and check the source code/inspect if any of the gtag.js appears. if it doesn’t then all of it is coming from the GTM.

I really appreciate your time - thanks for your help!