Why Space between option of flexbox inside a default container is not working well?

I’m using flexbox inside this container and trying to set space between options on child elements, but things are not going edge to edge. By the way, I’m using webflow’s default container not a div block. Can anyone tell me the reason behind this, on flexbox when you use the space between option inside the div block then everything goes edge to edge, but inside the webflow’s by default container, things don’t act like that, why?

hi @Tirtharaj_Chakrabort predefined container has for some reason set internally max-width: 960px. This 960 grid width was used as standard around 2008 and while sometime is still used the width 960px as “standard” is many years outdated.

to fix your issue you can:

  1. set explicitly max-width to desired width eg. 1440px
  2. use div element instead as it doesn’t have any internally predefined settings

thank you so much for sharing that tip with me about Webflow default container, it made a huge difference in my project.