Confused with menu options / design

Not sure if anyone can answer this question - not sure if I am asking it correctly either :frowning:

Of the webflow websites or samples that I’ve seen here…
All the websites 3 or 4 “short” menu options at the top of the page.

When you add more options or longer text for each option… the option wrap mess up when they wrap inside the parent container.

What do you do when this happens ?

can you give us a screenshot or public link as to what you’re referring to?

Hi @Revolution, think of your design in Webflow, about how much available space you have, before your menu will start to wrap. Only put enough links there, that will fit without wrapping beyond the container width. If you need more space for an individual link, then give that link a class of it’s own, and increase the default width to what you need. Depending if you leave your menu in the default container, or create a menu without a container, will affect the maximum amount of available width you have to play with.

Also the positioning and width of your logo element ( or other elements in your navbar ) plays a part too…

If you have a public link to share, we of course are happy to look :smile:

Cheers, Dave

Hi PixelGeek / CyberDave - thanks for responding.

I’ve fixed a few things - but I must be doing something wrong still.

The top menus are float - right. And if you notice - not veritally centered.

At full screen (1920) the options appear in the correct order.

If you resize the window - options 1 and 2 will drop to the next line.

I had to made the container tall enough to handle the wrap. In doing that - I had to position the options - not vertically centers.

I’ve have not done anything for iphone landscape or less… only desktop and some work for table portrait.

Here’s a public link: