Why my mobile version looks like mess

hi. my web version looks pretty good but mobile is terrible some elements just looks like randomly placed and i doesnt now from what i must start to build it well. any help plz.


I had a quick look at your website, the big issue you have is you are using pixels for width. e.g 1st container div block 4 you have set a width of 768px so no matter how you view the website it will be 768px wide.

If you take div block 4 and remove or width or set it to auto then see how it looks.

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and if i after change slider to auto its have different size than div block 4 on top

Hi @Animeshka_Animeska_3

Have you followed the guidance offered from a number of users in this post?

I would definitely recommend watching the university.webflow.com tutorials and then looking at ways you can apply the skills you’ve learned to your site. You can even see a full site build and how they approach the design at different breakpoints here:


thank you i work hard but it not solve all