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Why isn't Facebook icon visible?

I’m trying to create a Facebook icon that will link to a Facebook page but the icon isn’t visible in my header. I was watching this YouTube video as a reference. To create the icon, I’m using Fontawesome and I’ve downloaded their webfonts and uploaded the fa-brands-400.woff file to my project. In my project I’ve created a text link inside Body > Page Header > Container > Contact Links > Right Contact Div. I then selected the link and set the Typography Font to Fa brands 400 with a font color of white so that it will show up against the purple background. However, I don’t see the icon. Did I do this incorrectly? Did I perhaps select the wrong Fontawesome file? Thanks for your help.

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Copy the glyph from here: Font Awesome

Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 10.01.10 PM

Drop a new text link in the Right Contact Div. Give it a style of Link because that’s what you called the style you are using for FA there (I’d call it something else, but that’s up to you):

Highlight where it says Text Link and paste in the copied glyph from the clipboard:

Thanks. I followed your instructions step by step but when I try to paste the glyph, Webflow says “The clipboard is empty.”