Having trouble adding text link in a link block

I am trying to add a new link to a social media page to the nav bar on my site (we just created a LinkedIn page). I have taken over managing my organization’s website from the contractor who designed it, who I am no longer in touch with. So I have to figure out how to imitate what she did in adding our old twitter and facebook page links without the benefit of talking to her.

In the link settings for the link block used for our twitter and facebook pages, the text field just displays five bars, which is apparently some kind of code that creates the twitter and facebook icons? I can’t figure out where it came from. A screenshot showing the link settings is attached. Let me know if anyone can shed some light on this! Thanks

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - Fix Our House)
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Your designer used a special font called Font awesome & brands.
So you’d duplicate e.g. your FB link and paste the linked in character in.

Here’s how to do that;

And here’s the Linked in Charcter- try selecting what’s between these braces [] even though you cannot see it, it’s there. Failing that, copy it from here-

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Wow, thank you @memetican! This was very helpful and easy to follow. Already made the change. So so much appreciated.