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Using font awesome to insert icons don't understand how

Hello, I’ve been trying to add icons to my webpage and was following a tutorial on using font-awesome and have been trying to follow. I uploaded the font, but from the cheatsheet page for some reason I can only click on icons rather than copy them? Also the font awesome font does not appear in the font drop down in the typography section.

I just want to include icons, so perhaps if there is an easier alternative that’d also be great.

Hi Allie,

What is the name of the fontawesome font you are trying to use?

I was trying to use user circle. Although I’ve found a workaround for including icons! Although it would be much easier to simply write it as a font.

That is not how fontawesome works…

Try -

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Here is where you need to upload the font awesome

And here how to use the font

two videos - hope it helps :slight_smile: