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Why is webflow changing so many details within it's plans?

Hi there,

I was reading a lot in this forum before I made the step to purchase the yearly membership. However, it seems like nearly 80% of all the answers (even from admins and moderators) seem to be wrong because webflow changed so much within it’s plan structure.

Connection to domains, white labeling, etc., is now limited to structures and others plans.

I am so frustrated that I nearly need to pay over 80$ a months to host a single portfolio page with a password protection, no webflow label and direct domain-connection because webflow limits everything, doesn’t allow frame-redirections and disabled password protection within the html-download option.

A lot of moderated answers in the forum say something different because they seem to be very old and written in a time with a different structure.

Webflow is a great tool and dI get that they want to earn money, but this seems to be ridiculously expensive, though.

I really, really regret that I made the purchase.

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Hey Kevin!

First, I would like to take a moment to say welcome to the Webflow forums. I am sorry to hear that you have been having trouble with your plans.

It sounds like the key features that you’re needing are white-labeling and password-protection, which are both features that are included in the “Basic” site plan.

You mentioned the HTML download option, which I assume you’re referring to the Code Export feature that allows you to host your code on another hosting provider? If that’s the case, this feature is available through either of the upgraded Account plans (starting at $16/month (paid annually) or $24/month (paid monthly).

If you went with the Lite account plan, and the Basic site plan, that would make your total bill paid monthly $39. Or you could pay a full-year in advance and only be paying $28/month (or $336 a year).

Please let me know if I misunderstood. I would be happy to help out more if needed! :slight_smile:

Hi Tyler, thx for your reply.

What I basically need is the white-label feature and password protection. For white labelling, I am forced to upgrade to a pro plan for 42$ a month. The password protection can’t be included in an exported html, so I am also forced to connect my domain to webflow. This means I need to upgrade to a site plan, which is another 16 $ a month just to have the basics going.

This is super frustrating for a beginner. Site Plans and Account plans are very confusing at the beginning, so I know that people seek answers in this forum.

Unfortunately they change so much within their strucutre (white label only avaible at pro, code export at pro, domain connection only with site plan, etc) that nearly all (older) answers are wrong.