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Why is there empty space above the row


Website in Question:

For some reason, the first row in a container has suddenly had a margin of about 150px added to it mysteriously. It was working fine and I don’t know what happened…
It can be clearly seen in the page “The Author” - there’s a gap that needs not be there:

any ideas?


Yoram Aharon

Hi can’t at all find the page you’re talking about. It’s not The Author subpages.

I removed a section you named Side Bar with some stuff inside. Couldn’t find it on page but I found in the navigator. When that was removed it worked for me anyway. Hope it helped you :smile:

Hi @yoramraz1, I took a quick peek at your site, and if you set the sidebar class in your symbol to set the clear style to off, then things seem to align better:)

I would try that, and see how things look :smile:

Cheers, Dave

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Thanks everyone for your help.
That was indeed the problem…
G-d Bless