White space between two sections appeared and can't remove

Hi everyone,
I’ve searched the forum and found similar topics but the solves for those other topics weren’t related to my issue. At least not based on what I checked.
Randomly a space between two sections appeared and I can’t figure out why. Initially, the space wasn’t there but then all of a sudden it appeared again and I haven’t been able to remove it. Not sure if it’s related to something I did by copying and pasting another section (that’s what I did before I noticed the gap) or if I accidentally messed with something unknowingly. I’m not the greatest with coding or webflow but I am stumbling through. eep… I would appreciate any help.



Your sidebar is creating the issue. If you hide or delete it the issue resolves.

Yeah. I figured that it was the sidebar. But nothing has changed in its location and settings that allowed it to work originally without the white space. It was working as intended for at least a day when I was working on it, even with refreshing and logging out and back in later, it opened with the side bar and none of that white space seen in the screenshot. Would that have been a bug on webflows side that was corrected somehow?